11.5″ long Grapevine Perch



You are buying the actual perch pictured. There is only one, as all are unique! This particular perch would work well as a cage top “stand” or hung horizontally inside the cage. Both options pictured.

Your bird will love this beautiful sandblasted grapevine perch, grown in California.

Wood is untreated and safe for our avian companions to enjoy! Soft texture and varied widths of branches make this product comfortable for your bird’s feet, allowing for natural flexing and extension of the toe muscles during climbing, important for long-term health.

Disclaimer: Grapevine is a natural material and thus variation in colour and texture is common. The colour of branches can include any combination of white, off-white, yellow, sandstone, tan, brown, dark brown, light grey or dark grey, and multiple colours can often be found on a single branch. Grapevine may also be smooth, bumpy, rough or various other textures. Some grapevine wood is split in places. None of this is not cause for alarm, but rather is one of the characteristics that make grapevine such a unique statement piece in your bird’s environment. As with any wood, please use and store in a dry location with low humidity level to prevent mold growth.

Stainless steel hardware is included.

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