Three-Prong Cholla Perch


Our sandblasted Cholla perches originated from California where Cholla cactus grow naturally. Once the cactus’ natural life cycle has completed this interesting looking “skeleton” remains, is harvest, sandblasted and eventually finds its way to The Flock Shop.

Cholla is naturally hollow and can be suitable for use as a foraging challenge. Simply stuff shredded paper and a few tasty treats into the perch and watch your bird try to pull it all out in a game that is both mentally and physically stimulating. Birds who have problem behaviours of plucking or screaming may especially benefit from foraging challenges such as this, giving them a more productive outlet for their time.

Our Cholla perches are sold attached to a bird-safe untreated pine base, sized 4.5″ x 2″, and with stainless steel hardware for mounting to the side or top of your cage.

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