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Frequently Asked Questions (check here first -- you might just find the answers you're seeking!)

Our Flock Shop is located in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. We take inspiration from the many local forests, beaches and rock cliffs that are abundant in this beautiful part of the country. 

Our Ontario wood branches are sustainably harvested from unsprayed trees on privately owned property, with full permission. Branches are properly cleaned within two weeks of harvest. The cleaning process includes 24 hours of soaking, followed by scrubbing, drying and baking in the oven for several hours. This extensive process removes natural debris and kills any potential microorganisms on or under the bark, ensuring a safe product for your feathered companion. Stainless steel hardware is added before shipping to you and your bird.

Our flagstone is handpicked from a local landscape supplier in Barrie, Ontario. The rock is broken into sizes appropriate for perches — as we cannot control how the rock breaks every perch is unique!  Next, each edge of every perch is filled by hand to ensure they are smooth, and therefore safe for human hands and birdie toes. Stainless steel hardware is attached, and then perches are cleaned to remove dust from the entire process.

Grapevine wood is sourced from California, where it grows natively (and very prolifically!). We work with a partner who sustainably harvests it, cuts it into manageable sizes, and sandblasts it before shipping it to our facility. In addition to removing the bark, sandblasting gives it a beautiful colour that ranges from ivory to chestnut. Wood is always untreated and safe for our feathered friends. Stainless steel hardware is added before shipping to you and your bird.

Manzanita wood is sourced from California, where it grows natively. We work with a partner who harvests it sustainably, cuts it into manageable sizes and  ships it to our facility. Some pieces are sandblasted and others retain their bark — a distinct red colour. Wood is always untreated and safe for our feathered friends. Stainless steel hardware is added before shipping to you and your bird.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Orders are shipped using Canada Post Expedited Service and include a tracking number.

Most orders are shipped within 3 business days. Especially large orders, or orders placed during sale periods may take longer to process. Our perches make great gifts for bird owners — if you have a deadline, let us know.

At this time we ship to Canadian addresses only. We do hope to expand shipping options to include international addresses at some point in the future, so please check back!

We accept payment through PayPal, mailed personal cheque or interac e-transfer (preferred method). Orders are not shipped until paid in full.

We do not risk the spread of avian diseases to our customers and for this reason do not offer returns of refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

At this time The Flock Shop is exclusively online. A few times annually we bring product to pet industry trade shows in Ontario, Canada, for public viewing and in-person purchase. Follow our Facebook Page to find out where we will be next!

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